Day 29: Play bingo at the Moose Lodge

29 Jan

There are two places in Tallahassee one can count on for Bingo games. Elks Lodge has Wednesday night games and Moose Lodge has Sunday and Friday night games. Beware, newbies, that playing Bingo in Tally means you are up against some of the most experienced and savvy Bingo regulars in the region. These people come armed with their own daubers and can play 20 Bingo cards at once. When I arrived at Moose Lodge just before its 7:15 game on a Friday evening, I was overwhelmed. Almost everyone had gotten there early and already claimed a spot. The pushy saleswoman selling Bingo cards tried to up-sell me to get the $12 package. Don’t do it. Go for the $5 package, which means you don’t play every game. This turned out to be a wise choice for me, as it took a good 15 minutes to ease into the rhythm and understand the rules. All in all, it was a fabulous and inexpensive evening of entertainment. And it was profitable – my husband won $25. Note: It is 18 and up and it appears as they you can bring your own food and drinks, just no alcohol. All the profits go to local charities.

Address: 1478 Capital Circle NW (Near Home Depot)


3 Responses to “Day 29: Play bingo at the Moose Lodge”

  1. Barbara Doran January 29, 2011 at 10:33 am #

    Hey, this sounds like fun, maybe we can have date night sometime. We loved Trivia at Barnacle Bills for years. Dont’ know where they play Trivia anymore except Steel City?

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