Day 36: Dine at Decent Pizza

5 Feb

Decent Pizza is a contender for best pizza in Tallahassee. If you are a fan of thick crusts and inventive toppings, you will love Decent. Decent offers toppings like Bradley’s sausage, tempeh, gorgonzola cheese and pesto. Their pizzas are pretty substantial, and they only offer medium and large. Its large could easily feed a family of four. If you ask, Decent can make personal-sized pizzas, but it’s not something that is advertised on the menu. They also offer slices, but you cannot get as many toppings on slices. I’m particularly fond of Decent’s no-fuss atmosphere because it reminds me of my beloved Austin. It is a grungy mix of bar and pizza joint, with comfortable booths and a bar that faces a flat-screen TV tuned to ESPN.

Address: 1026 North Monroe St.


One Response to “Day 36: Dine at Decent Pizza”

  1. CanisUnfamiliaris February 3, 2013 at 12:50 pm #

    LOVE Decent Pizza. Decent is far and away my husband and I’s favorite pizza joint in Tallahassee. The pizza is very similar to Momo’s, imo, but the fact that you can actually hear and think (Momo’s music is obviously meant to entertain eardrum-damaged college kids) while you order and eat gives it the prize.

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